Lewisboro Supervisor Thumbs Nose at Town Board

Lewisboro Supervisor Thumbs Nose at Town Board
Tony Gonçalves defies Lewisboro Town Board on Sustainable Westchester ESA

Tony Gonçalves refuses to terminate a Sustainable Westchester Contract despite a 3-1-1 vote by the Town Board; Disclosure of Ethics Board decision sparks outcry

LEWISBORO, NY (June 25, 2024) — Lewisboro Supervisor Tony Gonçalves has caved to the threats and demands of Sustainable Westchester Founder Mike Gordon.

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In the closing seconds of last night’s meeting of the Lewisboro Town Board, Gonçalves abruptly and inexplicably announced that the Electric Services Agreement terminated by the Lewisboro Town Board last month was still in place. He offered no explanation or legal justification for his refusal to follow the will of the Town Board.

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