Recommended Reading, June 23, 2024

Recommended Reading, June 23, 2024
Pearl Jam at Marlay Park in Dublin, Ireland

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DUBLIN, IRELAND (June 23, 2024) — After several days in West Cork, including a visit to Musgrave Park for a concert by Sting (with Blondie opening), Loli and I made it back home in time to see Pearl Jam open the European leg of their Dark Matter Tour at Marlay Park. I had never seen them live. They put on a great show.

Eddie Vedder rocks Dublin

The highlight of the West Cork trip was visiting the Ambush Site at Béal na Bláth where Michael Collins was killed during the Irish Civil War.

Michael Collins Ambush Site at Béal na Bláth
Michael Collins Ambush Site at Béal na Bláth

Sustainable Westchester Investigations

I completed research into three other municipalities where local elected officials sat on the Board of Directors of Sustainable Westchester: former Supervisor Chris Burdick (Bedford), Mayor Mike Spano (Yonkers), and Mayor Tom Roach (White Plains).

Spano does not have an issue because Yonkers has a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor is the chief executive and does not cast a vote on council so there was no conflict of interest when Yonkers adopted the enabling legislation required by New York State Department of Public Services to be included in the Sustainable Westchester CCA Program.

Burdick did not disclose his conflict of interest. He did not recuse himself and voted on Bedford’s enabling legislation.

Roach did disclose his conflict of interest. He did not recuse himself and voted on White Plain’s enabling legislation. Roach said the White Plains Law Department told him he could vote.

I wrote articles on Bedford and White Plains (see links below) and referred them to the Department of Public Services to add to their investigation.

Who is Dawn Warren?

I am not quite ready to run a full blown “Who is…?” story on the City of New Rochelle’s lawyer (Dawn Warren, pictured above) but it is looking increasingly likely that she will be getting the full Who is treatment. I do not ever want to get into a public dispute with clerks and corporation counsels because I depend on their integrity to access records and gather information. When that is no longer the case — and her lack of integrity has been on full display over the last two months — there is no point to my keeping the gloves on.

I have still not gotten an explanation from Dawn as to why Minutes for the May 21, 2024, meeting of the New Rochelle City Council, published on Friday, May 24, make no mention of why the audio and video feed of the meeting was cut then restored about two minutes later or even that it happened.

I had a bizarre series of exchanges with New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Dawn Warren over the ethics board which raises real questions about who is running New Rochelle.

The government under Mayor Yadira Ramos-Herbert, abetted by Warren, has become lawless. More in the link below (for Premium subscribers only).

I have a story coming soon on her unhinged conduct at the New Rochelle City Council Special Meeting on June 18. I already clipped the video so you can have a sneak preview here:

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The Silent Coup: Who is Running New Rochelle?

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Another Defective Sustainable Westchester Contract: Bedford

Another Defective Sustainable Westchester Contract: White Plains

Content for Everyone

Articles from Words in Edgewise, Talk of the Sound and Elsewhere on the Web.

Transformer fires knock out power to large swath of New Rochelle’s East End

Man admits role in break-in where couple was injected with fake ‘virus’; stolen Jeep abandoned in New Rochelle

Record-breaking ad spending ahead of Tuesday’s NY-16 primary

Suspect in Rye Kidnapping Nabbed In Greenwich After Police Chase

New Rochelle Fire Commissioner Report on Fatal Fire at 30 Eastchester Road

Pelham’s Kate Douglass qualifies for Paris Summer Olympics

New Rochelle Man Among 5 Arrested for Accepting Bribes, Smuggling Contraband into County Jail

Tragedy in Mamaroneck: 6-Year Old Child and Mother Killed in School Bus Accident

Copper Thief Caught Stealing from Former Employer, New Rochelle Police Say

New Rochelle NY Boys and Girls Club expands services at new clubhouse

Willie Mays, supreme baseball talent among the best to ever play, dies at 93

Police Warn Residents To Stop Mailing Checks In Mamaroneck

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