BOO! Moving Day May 13th

Going Ghost

BOO! Moving Day May 13th

As readers will know, I was extremely disappointed with Substack un-publishing one of my articles on the Israeli flag story. I vowed to find an alternative then dump Substack.

I have selected the Ghost publishing platform.

They will migrate everything on my Substack — all the content, all the subscribers. They use Stripe for payments so it will be a seamless transfer for paid subscribers.

They start May 13 and it takes 2 days.

Again, you do nothing except enjoy a nice service that will not censor my articles.

Ghost has a different business model. I must pay for every subscriber whether a free or paid subscriber, so a heads up to any subscribers who are inactive (your activity level is 0 and you are a free subscriber). You will not be transferred to Ghost. As you do not open these emails no need to worry as you will not notice. You can always subscribe later.

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