New Rochelle School District, Superintendent Cancel Twitter over Elon Musk Acquisition

Wokism Trumps Community Communications

New Rochelle School District, Superintendent Cancel Twitter over Elon Musk Acquisition

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (December 1, 2022) — The City School District of New Rochelle is experiencing catastrophic declines in enrollment, pitiful academic performance, and a collapse in graduation rates.

Rather than attend to the educational needs of the neglected children entrusted to their care, school administrators and board members prefer to spend their time virtue signaling about a far-left fantasy of Twitter following its acquisition by Elon Musk.

As someone who has more experience reporting on New Rochelle than anyone, let me say what makes this especially laughable is the context, that the New Rochelle Board of Education, by far the single largest purveyor of pure, unadulterated bull-poo, imagines it is in a position to climb on a high horse and point a finger at any one over “disinformation”. The BOE long ago established misleading the public as the primary tenant of its organizing principles.

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Why work hard to prepare children for college and careers — the actual mandate of a public school system in New York State — when you can bloviate wokist aphorisms for hours at a board meeting, congratulate yourself, then push a publish button to show like-minded woke sycophants your purity in the cancel culture.

Without a hint of irony, the district signed off its @NewRochelleEd Twitter profile this afternoon by claiming falsely that Twitter recently changed its policy “allowing disinformation and free speech protection regardless of accuracy” so the “City School District of New Rochelle will no longer share information on this platform”. But they still advertise in The New York Times and Journal News? Seriously? Both papers are routinely filled with disinformation.

Regardless, it is absolutely untrue that Twitter changed its policy to allow disinformation and free speech protection regardless of accuracy.

As the District purports to be so concerned about disinformation on Twitter, I took the liberty of reporting the City School District of New Rochelle to the trust and safety team at Twitter for posting a misleading tweet. They thanked me for taking the time to make the report and said they would review the tweet in the coming days. Stay tuned.

My report to Twitter focused on the remarks of Yoel Roth, who until a few days ago was the head of trust and safety at Twitter — you know, the guy who banned Trump.

He wrote in a New York Times Op-Ed "when it comes to content moderation, much has stayed the same since Mr. Musk’s acquisition... Twitter was actually safer under Mr. Musk than it was before.”


So, the guy who developed the COVID misinformation policy, suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story and otherwise, for the past six years, did all the things the left is claiming have now been lost because Musk was forced to buy Twitter says content moderation has been more aggressive under Musk and the platform is safer.

Who you gonna believe? Will Ianuzzi or Yoel Roth? Jonathan Raymond or Elon Musk?

The District’s farewell tweet says, “Please join us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn for CSDNR news”. In my experience, you do not just tell people to leave one social media platform and go to another; as an organization, you want to be agnostic as to how people get information from you, just that they get it. Some people like Twitter, some like email newsletters, some like Facebook, some like carrier pigeon, whatever. The idea an organization would tell a subscriber or follower to switch platforms if they want to get information from them is entirely backwards.

To track this proposed migration, I took screenshots today to track the progress:





Bottom line? New Rochelle school officials have cut off 4,247 followers (about 40% of their entire social media presence), a list that took others a decade to build, in a futile and stupid gesture, aimed at @elonmusk but striking their own followers instead. Idiots.


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