Paid Subscriptions for Words in Edgewise Now Available - $7 bucks!

I have big news to share!

Paid Subscriptions for Words in Edgewise Now Available - $7 bucks!

The time has come to act on something I proposed about a year ago and I need your help. I am now offering paid subscriptions on Substack, the email newsletter service you are reading right now. Why don't you join me?

This is why it’s important.

I'm hopeful for the future. I want to keep doing this work. I want to keep giving a voice to those afraid to speak, to seek out truth, because as a wise man once said, “words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.”

The idea that inspired Substack is for writers to get paid by reaching audiences that value them. I hope you value me and will support my writing by registering to pay $7 a month for Words in Edgewise.

So, why should you value me as a writer?

Am I really worth $7 of your hard earned money?

Over the past 14 years, what began as a sideline had turned into full-time work. My coverage area has expanded from New Rochelle to the broader Sound Shore area of Westchester. I am spending more and more time traveling to courts in New Rochelle, White Plains but also Mamaroneck, Mount Vernon, Greenburgh, even Brooklyn. I attend public meetings throughout the area including school board meetings, council meeting, candidate forums and more. I write long form investigative reports. I am fearless in speaking truth to power. All of this takes a large amount of time and money and a bit of courage.

I would like readers to support my work by becoming part of a reader community dedicated to good government, transparency and accountability; to protecting the taxpayer and speaking for the underrepresented.

Here is what you will be supporting.

By subscribing to Words in Edgewise, you get access to my unique worldview, expertise, and style while supporting my efforts to hold the powerful to account while telling stories others media outlets dare not touch.

I have expanded my Substack platform over the past year to illustrate the ways in which I intend to expand the offerings and provide ongoing access to me as writer. As I increase my Substack subscriber base, I intend to keep expanding my offerings on Substack.

You have already seen Recommended Reading with a Summary of Links to Talk of the Sound articles every Sunday, the Reporters Notebook on Court Cases Followed by Talk of the Sound every Friday, our Long Form articles. I will be adding exclusive bonus content like Podcasts, a Question of the Week segment, FOIL Follies and OML OMG, a Police Disciplinary Database, a Real Estate transaction database and a Police Blotter. Even merchandise.

I will still send out free content but the bonus stuff is for paid subscribers.

Wait! What will happen to Talk of the Sound?

Not to worry.

My Substack newsletter is named Words in Edgewise for a reason. I will continue to gather news and information for a general audience to publish on Talk of the Sound. I will use Substack to add value to my core news product and offer my subscribers previews, the inside scoop and exclusive content.

To make this happen, I need your help.

First, I need you to subscribe for $7 a month.

Second, I need you to endorse my newsletter. Please ask people to share my newsletter, tell them why you they find it valuable, spread the word.

Third, keep in touch. I want to build a community around my work so send me messages and I will set aside time every day to answer them.

Fourth, Zeke says “let’s do this!”

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