BREAKING NEWS: Mayor of New Rochelle Referred to Westchester District Attorney for Public Corruption

Ethics Board finds Noam Bramson guilty on 2 of 3 charges.

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor of New Rochelle Referred to Westchester District Attorney for Public Corruption

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (June 17, 2022) -- After weeks of delay, the pace of the public corruption investigation into New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson has escalated quickly.

The Ethics Board filed its report last night after a 12-week investigation into three charges of public corruption.

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The report concluded Mayor Noam Bramson did pressure City Manager Charles B. Strome to appoint him to a $210,000 a year job as Development Commissioner, a job for which he was not qualified for under the City Charter. He did canvass Council members to rescind Strome’s appointment of Kathleen Gill as Deputy City Manager. On the third charge, the report concluded Bramson did not violate the charter in seeking to appoint an unqualified person, Alisa Kesten, his former campaign manager, to the position of City Manager.

Not mentioned in the report is an analysis and conclusion regarding the allegations against other Council members, especially Sara Kaye and Yadira Ramos-Herbert, for agreeing to vote to remove Strome if he did not rescind the Gill appointment.

There remains the bigger question of Bramson using his elected office to obtain something of value — the $210,000 a year Development Commissioner job. That is a question that will now be taken up by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.

For the full details, read the three linked articles below.


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