Our Biggest Stories of 2022

Our Biggest Stories of 2022

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (December 31, 2022) — It is tempting, but would be simplistic, to create a list of our most viewed stories and label them the biggest stories of the year. Often, however, day-to-day drama obscures the long-term impact of decisions and events. What follows is not our most read stories ranked with mathematical certainty by counting total views but a more subjective ranking of stories that we believe will have a lasting impact on readers.

  1. Changes at New Rochelle City Hall/Noam Bramson Investigations

This was a year of generational change in the leadership of the City of New Rochelle; some by choice (Chuck Strome retiring, Kathleen Gill and Adam Salgado promotions, Noam Bramson forced out based on ny ethics complaints and two subsequent investigations, one by the New Rochelle Ethics Boars, the other by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office).

  1. NRPD Detective Michael Vaccaro Trial

The Vaccaro trial proved, for those who did not already know, that a police officer in New Rochelle can get away with anything.

  1. Boogie Nation Killing/Nation of Islam

The killer is still on the loose. An effort to address black-on-black violence turned into a celebration of the Nation of Islam comprising one elected official whose Mayoral campaign may have suffered a fatal blow.

  1. DA Mimi Rocah v Judge Matthew Costa

This case is highly unusual in that a DA is suing a sitting judge but more importantly has the potential to set precedent in how the new discovery laws are applied statewide. A story not getting the attention it deserves.

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  1. New Rochelle School Population Collapse

The overall decline since the 2015 peak is staggering and projected declines are worse yet many continue to believe schools in New Rochelle are overcrowded. Nope.

  1. Student Kills Student in West End

A tragedy with a lot more to the story, a story we will likely never know as this case is highly likely to end in a negotiated plea.

  1. Rape Culture at New Rochelle High School

For years, school officials have covered up sexual assault and sexual harrowing at New Rochelle High School. When students organized a protest it turned into a melee involving over one thousand students.

  1. Constitutional Failures

Government officials are desperately trying to control the narrative by blocking voters from commenting, deleting unwelcome comments or abandoning social media platforms all together.

  1. Ransomware Attack at Empress EMS

The large number of stolen medical records of area residents will eventually make its way to the Dark Web and from there trigger phishing attacks and identity theft.

  1. LPR Stories

License Plate Readers, GPS and the Real-Time Crime Center have made Westchester County the place car thieves go to jail.

A last minute entry is news out of the New Rochelle Muncipal Housing Authority.

FRIDAY MORNING MASSACRE: In Final Act, City Manager Fires Entire New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority Board

For those who want to catch up on the year, below is a mega-list of many but hardly all of our 2022 links:

Changes at New Rochelle City Hall/Noam Bramson Out

New Rochelle City Manager Charles B. Strome III Announces Retirement

New Rochelle City Council Votes to Hire Kathleen Gill as City Manager

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Will Not Seek Another Term

New Rochelle Announces Appointment of Development Commissioner; Corporation Counsel Adds Deputy City Manager Title

Timeline of Mayor Noam Bramson pursuing New Rochelle Development Commissioner Position

Westchester County Grand Jury Investigating New Rochelle Mayor on Criminal Public Corruption Charges

New Rochelle Mayor Improperly Sought Appointment as Development Commissioner in Violation of City Charter

The Noam Bramson Ethics Transcripts: Final Summary with All Raw Transcripts

New Rochelle Mayor Threatens Legal Action to Block Ethics Referral to Westchester County District Attorney

Ethics Board Report on New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson is Complete

New Rochelle Mayor Angling to Elevate Former Bramson Campaign Manager to Bramson City Manager

New Rochelle Ethics Board Finds Mayor Noam Bramson Violated the City Charter, a Misdemeanor

Westchester County Grand Jury Investigating New Rochelle Mayor on Criminal Public Corruption Charges

Ethics Complaint Filed Against David Blumenthal of the New Rochelle Board of Ethics

Ethics Investigation Transcripts Raise New Questions About New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, et al

Where Are People Getting the Idea that Mayor Noam Bramson Runs New Rochelle?

Ethics Investigation into New Rochelle Mayor Gets Underway with City Manager Called as First Witness

Westchester DA Declines Criminally Charging New Rochelle Mayor Just 28 Days After Noam Bramson Declines to Run in 2023

Ethics Board Delivers Final Report on New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson

Mayor of New Rochelle Referred to Westchester District Attorney for Public Corruption

Real Estate Conference’s Deep Dive into New Rochelle Development Turns on the Mystical Mayoral Power of Noam Bramson

Michael Vaccaro Trial

Acquittal of Michael Vaccaro on Police Brutality Charges Shows Hypocrisy of 2020 New Rochelle BLM Protestors and Black Leaders

Special Treatment of New Rochelle Police Brutality Cop Concealed from DA by Judges, Cops, Court Officers

Day Four: Trial of New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro Ends in Not Guilty Verdict

Why Michael Vaccaro Will Not Be Fired for Punching Malik Fogg in the Head

Acquittal of Michael Vaccaro on Police Brutality Charges Shows Hypocrisy of 2020 New Rochelle BLM Protestors and Black Leaders

Police Brutality Victim Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against New Rochelle Police, Michael Vaccaro, Joe Schaller

NRPD Termination Hearing for Police Brutality Cop Gets Underway in New Rochelle

Michael Vaccaro – Malik Fogg Archive

Boogie Nation Killing/Nation of Islam

29-Year-Old Man Fatally Shot in New Rochelle

Lincoln Ave Community Comes Together to Celebrate the Life of James Caldwell (Boogie Nation)

Nation of Islam Front and Center at Summit on Black-on-Black Gun Violence at New Rochelle Public Library

DA Rocah v Judge Costa

Westchester DA Battles New Rochelle Judge in New York Supreme Court over Her Ability to Enforce the Law in his City

Attempt by New Rochelle Judge to Dismiss Westchester DA Complaint Denied

Westchester DA Takes New Rochelle Judge to New York Supreme Court

Westchester DA Battles New Rochelle Judge in New York Supreme Court over Her Ability to Enforce the Law in his City

Rocah v. Costa Court Case

Student Kills Student in West End

Shooting in New Rochelle’s West End – 7 Shots Fired; NRHS Student Shoots, Kills Another Student

New Rochelle’s West End Teen Shooter Was Walking Home From School When He Opened Fire; Built Ghost Guns in His Bedroom

Teen Victim in New Rochelle West End Shooting was Charged in 2018 Arson Fire that Destroyed Wildcliff

Operation Casper and West End Shooting: Multiple Ghost Gun Arrests 100 Feet, 10 Hours Apart

Words in Edgewise: Two Very Different Responses to Very Similar Murders

Words in Edgewise: Impressions of a Failed Town Hall Meeting in New Rochelle in the Wake of the West End Shooting

Grand Jury Indicts New Rochelle West End Shooter for Murder of Teen

Rape Culture at New Rochelle High School

Video shows disturbing assault on New Rochelle High School grounds

Student Brutally Stomps and Punches Defenseless Student at New Rochelle High School

New Rochelle High School Students Plan Walkout Against District Silencing Victims of Sexual Assault

New Rochelle High School Principal Admits District Covered Up Sexual Assaults for Years

Rape Culture “Embedded” in New Rochelle High School, Students Told in Admin-Approved Statement

New Rochelle High School Issues Statement on Viral Stomping Video, School Violence and Threats on Social Media

New Rochelle High School Student Walkout Turns into Free-for-All, Criminal Charges Filed

Victim-Blaming New Rochelle High School Stairwell Rape Case Settles

Constitutional Failures

Cornell Law School First Amendment Clinic Puts Team Latimer on Blast over Westchester County Facebook Comment Blocking

Open Letter to New Rochelle Board of Education and Focus Media on Deleting Unwanted Facebook Comments on Misleading Enrollment Claims

New Rochelle School District, Superintendent Cancel Twitter over Elon Musk Acquisition

Reversal on Westchester County Jail’s COVID-Based Virtual Court Unit Raises Constitutional Issues for Defendants and Press Alike

New Rochelle School Population Collapse

Catastrophic Collapse of New Rochelle Schools’ Student Enrollment Accelerates; Below 10,000 for First Time in a Decade

After 7 Years, New Rochelle BOE Finally Acknowledges Catastrophic Student Enrollment Decline

Major Ransomware Attack at Empress Ambulance

Westchester EMS Provider Hacked in One of the Largest U.S. Healthcare Ransomware Attacks of 2022

LPR Stories

Syracuse Man Busted in New Rochelle after LPR Hit on Audi Q8 Stolen in PA

Two Virginia Women LPR’d by Westchester County PD Real Time Crime Center in New Rochelle

Balchan v. CSDNR

High-Ranking New Rochelle School Administrator Reassigned to Home Pending Investigation for Misconduct

Medical Director Sues City School District of New Rochelle Over Failed COVID-19 Pandemic Response

New Rochelle Board of Ed Investigating Allegations of Anti-Semitism Against HR Director

Bank Robber Librarian

New Rochelle Librarian Turned Bank Robber Pleads Guilty

IRS Revocation of Non-Profit New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence

Stark Stonewalling and Coverup at New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence Continues


Former New Rochelle Councilwoman Breaks Silence on “Waterboarding” by Mayor Noam Bramson over 2013 Echo Bay Vote

Mural Art

Art Walk Winds Way Through Nine New Murals in Downtown New Rochelle

Huguenot Academy

OP-ED: New Rochelle’s Most Vulnerable Students Deserve a Forever Home

New Rochelle High School’s Huguenot Academy Campus Opens New Downtown Location

Scarsdale IRS Tax Woes

Scarsdale Board of Education Facing $1.3 mm in IRS Penalties and Interest Over Payroll Tax Errors

Is the End Nigh for Scarsdale Schools Superintendent over IRS Fiasco?

Scarsdale Schools Superintendent Unexpectedly Resigns Over $1.2 Million IRS Fiasco

American Legion

No Evidence to Support American Legion Charges Meant to Counter Money Laundering Claim against Westchester Co. Official, DA Says

New York State American Legion Overturns New Rochelle Post 8 Sham Election

New Rochelle Post 8 American Legion Hall for Sale

CPPB Series

OPEN LETTER: Why the Disinterest in Sustained Civilian Complaints by New Rochelle Community-Police Partnership Board?

New Rochelle Police Commissioner Again Honors Cop Who Killed Kamal Flowers — and Divulges McKenna’s New Work Assignment

Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show – Table of Contents

Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci

Interesting Stories We Broke

Why Did New Rochelle Students Unexpectedly Receive EBT Cards with More Than $1,000

New Rochelle College Student Charged with Killing Rapper Moneygang Vontae

New Rochelle Police Seize 2 Kilos of Cocaine Near New Rochelle High School After Neighbor Reports Suspicious Person

Metro-North Preps New Rochelle Rail Yard Expansion for Penn Access Project

Stories with a Personal Connection

Following Arraignment in New Rochelle, Louis Apicella, a Former BOE Employee, Attempts to Run Over Journalist with Car

Former New Rochelle Board of Education Employee Arrested for Attempting to Run Over Local Journalist

Electrical Fire at High-Rise in Downtown New Rochelle Sparked by Transformer Explosion in Basement; Heavy Smoke, No Injuries

New Rochelle School Board Held Secret Sessions to Stop Robert Cox and the Nefarious Talk of the Sound — in 2008

NOT STELLA: I was trapped in an elevator in downtown New Rochelle; No one called 911

Former New Rochelle Schools Employee Appears in Domestic Violence Court on Child Endangerment, Unlawful Imprisonment Charges

Court Stories

New Rochelle v the LaRoccas - Part II: Six Years of Delays and Motion Practice

New Rochelle v the LaRoccas - Part I: Brazen Misappropriation

Former Armonk Attorney Arrested on Fraud Charges

Laurieanne Delitta, Attorney Who Stole from Kids with Cerebral Palsy, Off to Prison

NOT KOOL: County Legislators livid after last minute veto by Westchester County CE

Court Rules Ursuline Student Expelled Over TikTok Video Can Return to School

Thunderhorse Pleaded Guilty to Domestic Violent Strangulation in Greenburgh; Next Day He Stabbed a Woman in the Abdomen in New Rochelle

Pelham Woman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter & DWI in Fiery Mamaroneck Crash that Killed 2 New Rochelle Passengers

25-Year-Old New Rochelle Woman Pleads Guilty to Striking 72-Year-Old Nurse in Crosswalk and Fleeing Scene

Two People Stabbed at VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, One Victim Critical, Arrest Made

New Videos Depict Brutal Bronx Baby Shower Double-Homicide Involving Twin Brothers from New Rochelle

New Rochelle Man Gets 17 Years for Strangulation Murder of his Mom

New Rochelle’s Aggressive Panhandler “Settles All Family Business” with Global Plea Deal

Gambino Associate, Benito DiZenzo, Sentenced to 12 Months Probation

Bronx Man Carjacks Vehicle, Intentionally Rams New Rochelle Police Vehicle, Injures NRPD Officer

Rye Eye Guy Sentenced To 96 Months In Prison For Healthcare Fraud Scheme, Covid-19 Loan Fraud

Daughter Says New Rochelle Man Did Not Kill Her Mom

DA Upgrades Charge in Hit-and-Run of Elderly New Rochelle Woman; Witnesses Pursued, Cornered Fleeing Suspect with their Cars, Held Her Until Police Arrived

Percell Ross Returned to New Rochelle for Booking, Indicted in Westchester Court for Taxi Cab Murder

New Rochelle Man Back in Federal Court on 2007 Fraud Charges: Philip Colasuonno Still Owes Government $2.5 MM, Feds Say

Librarian Gave New Rochelle Police a Day’s Notice of Her Plans to Rob a Bank, Records Show

Pregnant Woman Stabbed in New Rochelle, Police Say

Michael Thunderhorse Pleads Guilty to Road Rage Stabbing in New Rochelle

New Rochelle Man Pleads Guilty to Obscenity Charges in Fake-Semen Squirt Case

New Rochelle Man Gets 17 Years in Prison; Repeatedly Raped 11-Year-Old Girl, Impregnated Victim

Man Pleads Guilty in Global Disposition of White Plains, Larchmont, Mamaroneck Dockets

4 New Rochelle Men + Florida Man Indicted in Months Long Catalytic Converters Crime Spree

New Rochelle Man Sentenced To 25 Years In State Prison For Rape And Sexual Abuse Of A Minor


New Rochelle Man Was First Person to Get a Social Security Number

New Rochelle School Teacher Auctioning NFT Baseball Card of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

New Rochelle Teacher Sells Mark Zuckerberg’s Baseball Card at Auction for $105,000

TOTS Reader Poll Results: Best Chinese Takeout in New Rochelle is Jade Spoon, Runner-up is Hong Kong

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Appears in Westchester Woods Outside New York City

Sparkling Pinebrook Tennis Center Reopens in New Rochelle After Yearlong $1.1 mm

L.L. Bean Adds Popular Archery Course to New Rochelle’s Five Island Park Outdoor Program

New Rochelle Considers How to Address Brothels Operating in Downtown

New Rochelle School District Investigating Inappropriate Test Preparation Materials

DIRTY TRICKS? Mamaroneck Official “Accidentally” Releases Evidence File in Previously Dismissed Sexual Harassment Complaint against Board Trustee

Larchmont Restaurant Named for Former New Rochelle PBA President Christopher Greco Has Closed

Why is Sheriff Thomas Gleason Using Incomplete, Non-Public, Partial Year, Preliminary Crime Data to Say Westchester Crime is Down?

New York State Police Superintendent Resigns Amidst Governor Investigation

In First for Westchester, New Rochelle Woman Resentenced Under New Domestic Violence Survivor Law

New Rochelle Students Are Using Spy Tech to Broadcast Classroom Audio to Parents, say School Officials

In Memoriam

Samuel Spady Passes

Bill O’Shaughnessy, Owner of WVOX and WVIP Radio, Dead at 84

New Rochelle Educator Mary Jane Reddington Has Died at 98

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