Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound

September 11, 2023

Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound

A day to remember.

Greetings from France

Writing from the train from Bordeaux to Paris after a rabid rugby weekend. I was fortunate to get 2 tickets for the Rugby World Cup match between Ireland and Romania on Saturday which Ireland won 82-8 scoring a team record of 12 trys. The next night we watched Wales just squeak by Fiji at a bar in the bourse section of Bordeaux.

So, for those who asked, we are quite happy to be relocated to Dublin which serves as a good jumping off point for the rest of Europe and makes long weekends in France easy enough.

The big news of the week in the Sound Shore area is certainly the passing of Pearl Quarles who was a major community and political figure in New Rochelle long before I met her on the set of the “Westchester can’t afford Noam Bramsom” political ads for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. It was quite a star turn for the octogenarian and played a large role in that campaign.

Interesting Links and Pix from Summer 2023 hand-curated by Robert Cox for the enjoyment and edification of readers

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Back to the normal format of headline links and featured photos

Legendary Pearl C. Quarles of New Rochelle Passes at 92

New Rochelle Police Detective Fired Over 2021 Off-Duty Incident

Westchester Judge Vacates 1976 Rape Conviction of Innocent South Carolina Man

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Former Iona Prep Principal Turned Priest Retires in Massachusetts

Ahead Of Sale WVOX Signs Off

Iona University Ranked #66 in The Wall Street Journal’s 2024 Best Colleges in America

A school principal turned U.S. legislator (Jamaal Bowman) has a message for students

Hit in DNA Database Proves Leonard Mack’s Innocence After 47 Years of Wrongful Conviction

New Rochelle Police Department fires detective acquitted of assaulting suspect

Fight at Mamaroneck Gas Station Leads to Arrest of 2 Suspects with Car Stolen in Ohio

Maher wants Westchester Legislature to probe its chairman over Manhattan affordable co-op

SpotCrime Map of New Rochelle 9/11/23

The SpotCrime map is produced by a partnership between SpotCrime and New Rochelle Police Department to track NRPD incident report data. Get free alerts based on your neighborhood:

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Elvis Costello at National Concert Hall (Dublin)
Elvis Costello at National Concert Hall (Dublin)
Boarding Aer Lingus to Paris
Boarding Aer Lingus to Paris
Björk at Accor Arena Paris
Björk at Accor Arena Paris
Lunch off the Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux
Lunch off the Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux
World Cup Rugby at Matmut Atlantique Bordeaux
World Cup Rugby at Matmut Atlantique Bordeaux
Splashing around Miroir d'eau in Bordeaux, the world's largest reflecting pool.
Splashing around Miroir d'eau in Bordeaux, the world's largest reflecting pool.

Here are a few highlights you may have missed over the summer, headlines with hyperlinks.

New Rochelle Man Charged In 67-Count Indictment For Sex Offenses Involving Children In Westchester County

Port Chester Man Charged in 18 Count Indictment for Sexually Assaulting 2 Teens in Rye

New Rochelle Men Busted with 7.5 Pounds of Cocaine After One Throws Bullets at Cops

New Rochelle Man Arrested for Impersonating a Federal Agent and Weapons Possession

Bronx Woman Charged by Feds for Threatening Massacre at Buffalo Wild Wings in New Rochelle

New Rochelle Man Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize

VIDEO: Passing Motorist Takes Door off New York State Trooper Vehicle on I-95 in New Rochelle

New Rochelle Police Rescue Dog Trapped in Sewer

Councilwoman Yadira Ramos-Herbert declares victory in Democratic primary for New Rochelle mayor

IT’S CAPPELLI: Westchester Real Estate Developer Bankrolling New Rochelle Democrat Mayoral Candidate

New Rochelle orthodontist pleads guilty in stabbing of ex-fiance’s girlfriend

Manhattan DA Announces Indictments in Massive Construction Fraud Scheme Involving New Rochelle High Rise (The Stella)

Rev. Dr. Allen Paul Weaver, Jr., Prominent Long-Time Pastor Of Bethesda Baptist Church Of New Rochelle, Passes Away At 75

Patricia Tocci Obituary

New Rochelle Board of Education Re-Elects Board President

School Administrators to New Rochelle Moms and Dads: We Are Your Kid’s De Facto Parents

WSJ: The Suburb That Defied NIMBY ($) – New Rochelle

New Rochelle Public Library Director Announces Retirement After 18 Years

New Rochelle celebrates 100th anniversary of NAACP

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Walks into the Sunset as Next Executive Director of Sustainable Westchester

CBS New York investigates troubled final days of Jarrel Garris, killed by New Rochelle police

Man Shot by New Rochelle Police Had a History of Reckless Behavior, Depraved Indifference to Human Life

Latest Developments in Officer-Involved Shooting in New Rochelle

New Rochelle Citizens Heard on Police Shooting of Black Man by White Police Officer

Latest on Officer-Involved Shooting in New Rochelle

Man Shot by New Rochelle Police Dies

Officer Involved Shooting in New Rochelle

Our Biggest Stories of 2022 – by Robert Cox

DEEP DIVE A Primer on Fentanyl Overdoses and Related Toxicology – Introduction

The Noam Bramson Ethics Transcripts: Final Summary with All Raw Transcripts

Timeline of Mayor Noam Bramson pursuing New Rochelle Development Commissioner Position

Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show – Table of Contents

Alec McKenna – Kamal Flowers Archive

Michael Vaccaro – Malik Fogg Archive

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