Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound

February 19, 2023

Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound
Interesting Links and Pix from the past week hand-curated by Robert Cox for the enjoyment and edification of the Sound Shore Community.

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SCAPEGOAT: DeFiore, Scarpino, DiNapoli and the Looting of a $25 Million Estate in Westchester

Damon Maher on His Decision to Enter New Rochelle Democratic Mayoral Primary

Stella SWAT Team Raid by NRPD Results in ACD for Online Investor

THE PANDEMIC IS OVER: Tear Down These COVID Warning Signs!

WCPD RTCC & NRPD Team Up to Nab 2 Suspects in Hit-and-Run of PA Cop

New Rochelle Dems Endorse 5 City Council Candidates, Ramos-Herbert as Mayoral Candidate

New Rochelle Motorcycle Cop Nabs 4 Drivers at Once for Passing Stopped School Bus

Woman Charged with Stabbing Pregnant Woman in New Rochelle, Charged for Punching, Biting Her Mother in Yonkers

New Rochelle Man with Black Skeleton Mask Arrested on Violence Assault of Elderly Man

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article had been updated from the original NRPD press release based on information from the defendant’s arraignment on February 16, 2023 in New Rochelle City Court including the Felony Complaint, victim statement, witness statement, order of protection hearing and bail hearing attended by this reporter. In other words, there is a lot more detail.

Arrival of New Pelham Manor Fire Truck

Mount Vernon Man Punched and Kicked by New Rochelle Police Detective Charged with Assault in NYC

Yonkers Man Arrested for Overnight Stabbing in New Rochelle

Court Reporter’s Notebook: Cases Followed by Robert Cox 2/17/23

Live Music is Better
Live Music is Better

Live Music is Better: Roundup of Artists Performing Live in Westchester County 2/15/23

FOIL Wars 2/16/23

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New Rochelle Man Convicted in Upstate DV Case

‘Music of the African Diaspora’ concert in New Rochelle celebrates Black History Month

Fake Instagram account posing as a hospital spreads rumors about Pelham students

Two Clinton Park topped out in New Rochelle

Iona University Announces Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Bring Back Objective Journalism

Vehicles Stolen From Car Washes In Mamaroneck: Police Looking For Suspects

Sneaky schemes clinch imprisonment for former New Rochelle investment adviser

Former VT Goalie from New Rochelle recalls 2007 shootings, massacre at Virginia Tech

New Rochelle creator of ‘Arrow Collar Man’ is subject of spring show

Board of Ethics Finds Emergency Council Meeting Violated City Code to Rye Mayor’s Benefit

Larchmont Police Blotter -Disturbing Calls

Judge upholds 16 year effort by IRS to collect from New Rochelle tax fraudster

DUI for Port Chester Driver Whose Car Had Temporary California Registration

RXR to celebrate topping out of Two Clinton Park in New Rochelle

OSHA fines Mars Wrigley after workers fall into vat of chocolate

Man charged after 200,000 Creme Eggs stolen from outside warehouse

Mail Man Charged with Stealing Packages in New Rochelle Indicted in White Plains SDNY

SpotCrime Map of New Rochelle 2/19/23

The SpotCrime map is produced here each week based on a long-standing partnership between Talk of the Sound and SpotCrime to track police incident report data provided by the New Rochelle Police Department. Get free alerts based on your neighborhood:

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Court Reporter’s Notebook: Cases Followed by Robert Cox 2/10/23

Court Reporter’s Notebook: Cases Followed by Robert Cox 2/3/23

Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound 2/13/23

Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound 2/6/23

Our Biggest Stories of 2022 – by Robert Cox

DEEP DIVE A Primer on Fentanyl Overdoses and Related Toxicology – Introduction

The Noam Bramson Ethics Transcripts: Final Summary with All Raw Transcripts

Timeline of Mayor Noam Bramson pursuing New Rochelle Development Commissioner Position

Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show – Table of Contents

Alec McKenna – Kamal Flowers Archive

Michael Vaccaro – Malik Fogg Archive

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