Why I Will Not Bend an Inch to Substack and Their Anti-Israel Activist Pals

I will never accept being forced to edit an article to suit Substack Trust & Safety or any anti-Israel activist they conspire with to ban or block my content.

Why I Will Not Bend an Inch to Substack and Their Anti-Israel Activist Pals

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (March 3, 2024) — Unless something changes soon, I will be left with no choice but to find an alternative to Substack. Their lack of commitment to free speech and their failure to support their publisher (me!) have caused my confidence in the Substack CEO Chris Best and his staff to ebb away by the hour — and it has been five days, so that is a lot of ebbing.

Substack Trust & Safety department unilaterally removed an article I published based on a bogus claim made by a sniveling corporate lawyer named Isaiah Jeremy Marcano Avilés, who is rabidly anti-Israel.

No one in the Substack Trust & Safety department bothered to directly inform me of what they had done. They did not afford me the opportunity to respond and prove, as I have in the links below, that Isaiah Jeremy Marcano Avilés is a liar. I have still never seen the actual complaint.

I cannot show readers here what this is all about because the same ban will be applied to any articles I publish that demonstrate why the claim is bogus and how Substack Trust & Safety is incorrectly applying their policy.

Until this gets resolved, I am posting to Talk of the Sound where my hosting provider has already assured me, in writing, they would not do what Substack has done without a court order based on proof that the content I published is illegal in the country where I publish. And it’s not.

Here is the banned article they unilaterally removed without notice, cross-posted on Talk of the Sound as originally published.

Who Actually Complained about New Rochelle’s Israeli Flag?

Here is an article in which I address the incorrect application of the Substack Privacy Policy by “Tex” of Substack Trust & Safety to the banned article based on the bogus claim about a phone number made by Isaiah Jeremy Marcano Avilés (and no, it is not reassuring that decisions on what I can publish on Substack are made by someone who calls himself Tex).

Substack Banned My Reporting on Israeli Flag Controversy Based on a Bogus Complaint

Here is an article which addresses the claim that Isaiah Jeremy Marcano Avilés is a so-called previously anonymous person.

Who is Isaiah Jeremy Marcano Avilés?

For those unfamiliar with my reporting over the past month about the controversy over an Israeli flag that was raised in front of New Rochelle City Hall, here are my previous articles and videos.


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