Why Robert Cox is Launching “Words in Edgewise” on Substack

and what’s in it for you!

Why Robert Cox is Launching “Words in Edgewise” on Substack

I have launched a Substack newsletter!

The newsletter is named Words in Edgewise and hosted at robertcox.substack.com.

It’s pretty cool that I could get my name as my subdomain to host my work!

If you were getting the Talk of the Sound newsletter I moved you over here. You will continue to get both for a few weeks until we phase out the old newsletter by the end of the year.

The details are explained below.

— Robert Cox

What is Substack and why am I moving some of my writing to robertcox.substack.com?

Substack is “an online platform that provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters.” (Wikipedia)

I am expanding to Substack to create a new home for my long-form investigative reporting (and a bunch of other stuff) and make some money to support the more involved research and editing required to publish those longer articles. Investigative reporting has always been the work that has most energized me, where I feel I make the biggest impact by speaking truth to power and it is certainly the work that sparks the greatest reader reaction. The cost to do this work, however, cannot be supported by advertising revenue alone. The more readers support this work the more I can do and, I hope, the more happy they will be.

What does this mean for Talk of the Sound?

Talk of the Sound will not change except… long-form investigative articles will no longer appear in full on talkofthesound.com. If you want to read the entire long-form investigative piece, you will need to jump to robertcox.substack.com.

Substack is free and, for the rest of the year, access to all Words in Edgewise content on Substack will be free. Starting in 2021, we will have a free and paid version of Words in Edgewise. This is not to take away from Talk of the Sound but to add much more — hence the name of the newsletter, Words in Edgewise.

The paid subscription will offer a closer connection, offering more unique insights you can’t get anywhere else such as analysis of and commentary on the news, personal stories, or access to members-only discussions with other subscribers — only paid subscribers will get the unique, original material and special quarterly or yearly editions — plus updates on the antics of Zeke, my kooky English Bull Terrier.

The paid version will include full access to all our Words in Edgewise articles, a host of goodies exclusively for paid subscribers and other perks like real-time discussion threads, access to our running files on court cases, real estate transactions, police blotters, Freedom of Information requests, my list of “back burner” story ideas, behind-the-scenes access, link roundups, recommendations, Ask Me Anything (AMA sessions) and more.

For now, everything is free, so join me as I get this new venture sorted and make Words in Edgewise a success.

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