With Meta Decision to Reinstate Donald Trump Will New Rochelle School District Stop Publishing on Facebook, Instagram?

or restart on Twitter?

With Meta Decision to Reinstate Donald Trump Will New Rochelle School District Stop Publishing on Facebook, Instagram?

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (January 25, 2023) — On December 1, 2022, the City School District of New Rochelle published what is for now its last tweet, declaring:

Due to recent changes at Twitter and the policy allowing disinformation and free speech protection regardless of accuracy, the City School District of New Rochelle will no longer share information on this platform. Please join us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn for CSDNR news

In a statement today by January 25, 2023, Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs for Meta, announced Donald J. Trump will soon be reinstated on Facebook and Instagram.

The move comes two months after Elon Musk announced on November 19, 2022 that the former President was reinstated on Twitter.

In his statement, Clegg explained Meta policy on free speech and accuracy;

We default to letting people speak, even when what they have to say is distasteful or factually wrong. Democracy is messy and people should be able to make their voices heard. We believe it is both necessary and possible to draw a line between content that is harmful and should be removed, and content that, however distasteful or inaccurate, is part of the rough and tumble of life in a free society.

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The question for the New Rochelle Board of Education and New Rochelle Schools Superintendent Jonathan P. Raymond is whether they will stop publishing on Facebook and Instagram now that they are adopting policies indistinguishable from Twitter which describes free speech as including the right to be wrong in public debate in an open society.

I wrote about the hypocritical virtue-signaling by the District and the Superintendent in both falsely characterizing Twitter policy and attempt to dictate based on the personal political ideology of school officials where members of the New Rochelle school community can get news and information about their public school system.

New Rochelle School District, Superintendent Cancel Twitter over Elon Musk Acquisition

Rather than attend to the educational needs of the neglected children entrusted to their care, school administrators and board members prefer to spend their time virtue signaling about a far-left fantasy of Twitter following its acquisition by Elon Musk.

New Rochelle Schools: Let the Twitter Purge Begin

If the New Rochelle Board of Education were serious they would deactivate then delete their primary Twitter account then undertake a general purge of all their Twitter accounts, plus all public-facing employee accounts and all affiliated accounts. We have culled a helpful list of these accounts below but first a few thoughts.

Superintendent Jonathan Raymond deactivated his personal Twitter profile. After 30 days, his @JraymO handle went back into circulation like an old phone number. I then registered that handle myself, took control of his old account and used it to set up a Twitter profile to publish news and information from the City School District of New Rochelle on Twitter. In keeping with Twitter policy, all of this is disclosed in the Twitter profile.

Superintendent Raymond, Board President William Ianuzzi and the school board have themselves a conundrum of their own making: either be consistent and stop publishing on Facebook and Instagram or act like responsible adults and publish agnostically across any and all social media platforms without passing ideological value judgements posing as concerns for social media companies’ community standards and practices.

And that includes Twitter.

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