Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound

November 5, 2023

Recommended Reading: Talk of the Sound

Barack Obama’s family is from Moneygall, County Offaly, Owen and I caught up with him and his wife at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare while Owen visited Ireland.

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ETHICS FILING: New Rochelle Mayor, Council Member Feathered Mayor’s Nest at Sustainable Westchester

More Conflicts of Interest for New Rochelle Mayor

Was Man Shot by New Rochelle Police Suffering from Drug-Induced Hyperthermia?

GETTING RESULTS: City Council Candidate Pressures Heritage Homes Owner to Withdraw Utility Cut-Off Threat

Yadira Ramos-Herbert and Her Merry Band of Liars and Useful Idiots

Mimi Rocah Bowing Out: Will Not Run for Second Term as Westchester DA

On Year Anniversary of Murder of Boogie Nation, Prime Suspect Continues to Elude Capture

2024 Proposed New Rochelle Budget Released Over Objections of Mayor, Mayor-in-Waiting

DEAR U.S. MEDIA: Stop Lying, Columbia University Sanctioned a Pro-HAMAS Rally

Columbia Law School Email: New Rochelle Mayoral Candidate Volunteered to Protect Pro-HAMAS Students

Why There Will Be No Apology for Article on Yadira Ramos-Herbert at Pro-HAMAS Rally

New Rochelle Mayoral Candidate Caught on Video at Pro-HAMAS Campus Rally

As Winter Approaches, Hundreds of New Rochelle Residents Threatened with Cut-Off of Fuel, Water and Electricity

Rye Police Make Multiple Arrests for Multiple Vehicles with Stolen License Plates

OAG: New Rochelle Real Estate Company Denied Housing to Low-income Renters with Section 8 Vouchers

New Rochelle School Officials Now Disavow Facial Recognition Technology They Embraced for Years

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NY Rep. Bowman calls meeting on antisemitism amid sharp criticism from Jewish constituents ahead of potential primary

Rep. Jamaal Bowman took down emergency exit signs before pulling fire alarm: video

Pelham Manor Man Charged With Health Care Fraud And Kickback Scheme

Hope Wants $6 MM to Renovate Casa Calabria in New Rochelle

Rep. Jamaal Bowman pleads guilty to misdemeanor for falsely pulling fire alarm in House office building

Profile of NRPL’s Tom Geoffino

U.S. State Department Issues Rare Worldwide Caution

Less Cowbell

Was Man Shot by New Rochelle Police Suffering from Drug-Induced Hyperthermia?

Mamaroneck mother seeks answers after son hit by car

NRPD Recognized at AAA’s 59th Annual Traffic Safety Awards Program

Man drives car through Pelham tennis court

High levels of proficiency reported in state ELA and math tests in Pelham’s 3rd through 8th graders

Israeli flag stolen from Gazebo Park after it was hung last week to show solidarity with Jewish residents

Police: 2 arrested for robbing $10,000 worth of pharmaceuticals from Port Chester Costco

Mamaroneck Town & Village Fight Over Bridge Replacement

New Rochelle co-op residents still out of their homes because of September flooding

WVOX Sold for $20,000

Overlooked Getty estate sale map turns out to be 14th century treasure

Fall Leaf Collection Underway in New Rochelle

Port Chester school officials re-evaluate how football teams leave field following violent incident

Police: Car drives into New Rochelle restaurant on Main Street

Port Chester NY receives $1.2 million Hurricane Ida disaster relief

Florida orders universities to ‘deactivate’ pro-HAMAS groups

Richard Roundtree, Star of ‘Shaft,’ Dies at 81

Person fatally struck by train at Port Chester station

E.L. Doctorow statue to be dedicated in former home of New Rochelle NY

New Rochelle woman celebrates 108th birthday

Hundreds gather in New Rochelle to learn about war efforts from Israeli diplomat

Westchester synagogue leaders frustrated with Rep. Bowman’s actions when it comes to Israel

New Rochelle Islands Up for Auction

Arrest in Assassination Following Family Gathering in New Rochelle

Mount Vernon man sentenced for fatal 2022 stabbing of New Rochelle man

Book returned to Larchmont Public Library after 90 years

Barstool Pizza Review – Sunrise Pizzeria (Rye, NY)

NY voters to decide if small city school districts can borrow more money

How Mamaroneck Teachers Are Combatting AI Chatbots in the Classroom

Anthony Piliero Obituary

You Can Throw Away Your COVID Vaccine Card Now

Pelham Manor red-light-camera ticketing begins

Rye Brook Police Chase Stolen Car Into Greenwich, Teen Arrested

Whatever Happened to New York’s School Facial Recognition Ban?

Profile of Keith Watkins of City School District of New Rochelle

SpotCrime Map of New Rochelle 11/5/23

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DEEP DIVE A Primer on Fentanyl Overdoses and Related Toxicology – Introduction

The Noam Bramson Ethics Transcripts: Final Summary with All Raw Transcripts

Timeline of Mayor Noam Bramson pursuing New Rochelle Development Commissioner Position

Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show – Table of Contents

Alec McKenna – Kamal Flowers Archive

Michael Vaccaro – Malik Fogg Archive

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